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+166% revenue growth year on year during the current COVID-19 crisis

Since the circumstances change on a daily basis with the COVID-19 crisis we review our results on a daily basis and have maintained an increased spend for the moment. We have found that leveraging our relationship with Dynamic Creative during this period has helped us to this point.

+92% sales from Search Ads, +100% in profit contribution

Dynamic Creative not only achieved our essential 10:1 goal, they maintained it at higher ad spends. On the back of these results, we've been able to open 3 new stores across Australia

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We guarantee to get your Google shopping feeds working

We create and manage Google shopping feeds for any size business. 

We understand the risk you take when you choose a new advertising platform or agency and that it can be difficult to evaluate a new supplier. If you are not happy with our service for any reason, within the first two months, we will refund our fees.

Google shopping feed management: What we offer

We will optimise your Google product feed

We will make ongoing adjustments to your product data to ensure your shopping ads are showing to the most relevant people

We will manage Merchant Center

Google Merchant Centre determines which products show in Google shopping. We will help fix any issues so that all of your products are showing in Google

We create your Google product feed

Our Ad Tech integrates directly with your website to synchronise your product data with Google Merchant Center. This is the first step to get your products in Google.

We will help with Google policy issues

We will help you comply with Google policy issues such as missing GTINs, shipping rate tables and missing feed attributes.

Our Ad Tech

6.9 Million products

An ad for every product

Our ad tech connects to your e-commerce shopping cart, Google Merchant Center, Google Analytics and creates Google Shopping Ads.

89.7 Million keywords

Automated longtail keywords

Our ad tech automatically creates, updates and manages highly relevant keywords for every landing page on your website.

28.5 Million ads

Ads for machine learning

Our ad tech creates multiple ad variations, providing machine learning the choices needed to improve your advertising performance.

Who we are

We are an Australian digital advertising agency with an international difference

We work with hundreds of online businesses and e-commerce websites with millions of products, to automatically create high performing shopping, search, display and video campaigns.
The key difference for us in the market is our technology automatically creates and updates ads for every product, category, sub-category and every combination of brand, size and colour on your website. In other words, we can create a relevant ad for everything that you sell on your website.

The executive team

Frequently asked questions

How do you create the feed?

The process starts when we add your website to our Ad Platform. We integrate with your website to download your product data and automatically create your feed. Your final feed is a full list of all of your products and variants in a format that Google can read and understand.

Who will handle the Merchant Center disapprovals?

We will monitor your Merchant Center disapprovals on a regular basis to make sure you’re advertising as many of your products as possible. We will use our Premier Partner Google Support to help fix any disapprovals you may have.

What are Google Shopping feed optimisations?

Optimising a Google Shopping Feed involves checking that your feed contains all the relevant data needed to make the most of Google’s Machine Learning. Firstly, we will optimise your titles. Through our optimisations, your titles will match the way your potential customers search for the things you sell. Shipping rates tables is another example of feed optimisation. For example, your advertised price must include the shipping rates of the searcher’s location.

There are many other checks (as per Google’s policies) and optimisations that our Ad Tech and team will perform for you as part of the subscription fee.

How often will you optimise my Google shopping feed?

When you first integrate with our platform we will conduct initial feed optimisations. These include title optimisations, category mapping and selection of what you would like to be included in your feed.

Every day, we check for new products and apply automated optimisation rules to those products. A member of the Dynamic Creative team will regularly review those automated rules to make sure they still make sense for all of your categories and to ensure that any new categories have the right rules applied.

Can I use my feed in multiple countries with multiple currencies?

Yes, if you want to advertise your website in more than one country we can set up a single feed for multiple countries with multiple currencies.

If the inventories vary from country to country we will have to create a separate feed and additional costs will be associated.

Can you also manage the search and shopping campaigns in my Google Ads account?

Of course we can! Our Google Award Winning team of customer success managers will optimise and manage your campaigns and budgets to help you grow your revenue and scale your business. 

More information on our Google Shopping Ads Management plans.
More information on our Google Ads Management plans.

Do you need access to my Google Analytics account?

Only if you would like us to do the conversion tracking initial setup. If you’d like to do it yourself or you already have conversion tracking we don’t need access.

Do you need access to my Google Ads account?

Not necessarily. But if you need us to do the conversion tracking installation or if you are interested in using our automated Shopping campaign structures we’ll need to be able to publish your campaigns. Also, by making us the oldest linked user on your Google Ads account, you’ll get access to the premium support that being a Google Premier Partner affords us.

How many products can you put in my feed?

Unlimited! Our feed will pull through your website data to create an ad for every product, variant and stock keeping unit (SKU) on your website. A single product may have multiple SKUs depending on a product’s variations i.e size and colour. If you stock a t-shirt with 5 colours and 4 sizes, you may go from having a single product ad to 20, based on your SKUs. This means your ads will be more relevant to specific searches e.g large red t-shirt.

I already have a feed, can I still use your Ad Platform?

If you already have a primary feed or are using a content API integration you can add a Dynamic Creative feed as a supplemental feed. We pull through more data than a standard feed and content API, we then add that to your primary feed data to improve the relevance of your ads. Read this blog for an understanding of what data we can pull through and why it might improve your feed.