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We help businesses get more sales and leads with our ad tech, machine learning and digital advertising.

Customer results

+166% revenue growth year on year during the current COVID-19 crisis

Since the circumstances change on a daily basis with the COVID-19 crisis we review our results on a daily basis and have maintained an increased spend for the moment. We have found that leveraging our relationship with Dynamic Creative during this period has helped us to this point.

+92% sales from Search Ads, +100% in profit contribution

Dynamic Creative not only achieved our essential 10:1 goal, they maintained it at higher ad spends. On the back of these results, we've been able to open 3 new stores across Australia

$400k in extra revenue and 500 extra bookings from 3.9 Million "Hyper-Targeted" Ads

Fiji Airways has been working with Dynamic Creative for more than 8 years. We challenged Dynamic Creative to look for new opportunities to drive revenue and position us well for 2020. The results have been impressive.

Recent awards

Our advertising philosophy

What we can do for you

We will grow your revenue with online advertising and guarantee our work

We create and manage repeatable sales and lead generation campaigns through online advertising.  Our customers spend between $2,000 to $500k+ online advertising per month. We are responsible and accountable for achieving your goals.

We understand the risk you take when you choose a new advertising platform or agency and that it can be difficult to evaluate a new supplier. If you are not happy with our service for any reason, within the first two months, we will refund our fees.

Our Ad Tech

6.9 Million products

Our ad tech connects to your e-commerce shopping cart, Google Merchant Center, Google Analytics and creates Google Shopping Ads.

89.7 Million keywords

Our ad tech automatically creates, updates and manages highly relevant keywords for every landing page on your website.

28.5 Million ads

Our ad tech creates multiple ad variations, providing machine learning the choices needed to improve your advertising performance.

Who we are

We are an Australian digital advertising agency with an international difference

We work with hundreds of online businesses and e-commerce websites with millions of products, to automatically create high performing shopping, search, display and video campaigns.

The key difference for us in the market is our technology automatically creates and updates ads for every product, category, sub-category and every combination of brand, size and colour on your website. In other words, we can create a relevant ad for everything that you sell on your website.


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