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We will sell your products with Google Ads

Customer results

+166% revenue growth year on year during the current COVID-19 crisis

Since the circumstances change on a daily basis with the COVID-19 crisis we review our results on a daily basis and have maintained an increased spend for the moment. We have found that leveraging our relationship with Dynamic Creative during this period has helped us to this point.

+92% sales from Search Ads, +100% in profit contribution

Dynamic Creative not only achieved our essential 10:1 goal, they maintained it at higher ad spends. On the back of these results, we’ve been able to open 3 new stores across Australia

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Our advertising philosophy

What we can do for you

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We will grow your revenue with online advertising and guarantee our work

We create and manage repeatable sales generation campaigns through Google search Ads directly from your WooCommerce store.  Our customers spend between $2,000 to $500k+ online advertising per month. We are responsible and accountable for achieving your goals.

We understand the risk you take when you choose a new advertising platform or agency and that it can be difficult to evaluate a new supplier. If you are not happy with our service for any reason, within the first two months, we will refund our fees.

Google shopping & search ads: What we offer

We align your ads to your goal

We work with you to define your advertising goal.  Your goal drives campaign structure and bidding strategies that ensure that your Google search ads are aligned to your business.

We manage your Google search ads

Our Ad Tech and team keep up-to-date with the changes on your website and keep your campaigns aligned to your goals using Machine Learning.

We create advertising assets

We create the advertising assets you need to achieve your goals. This starts with Google shopping ads then extends to search ads, display, and video ads.

We look for growth opportunities

We continuously expand your campaigns to increase relevance,  reduce cost per lead or increase return on ad spend.  This is done in consultation with you.

Our Ad Tech

6.9 Million products

An ad for every product

Our ad tech connects to your e-commerce shopping cart, Google Merchant Center, Google Analytics and creates Google Shopping Ads.

89.7 Million keywords

Automated longtail keywords

Our ad tech automatically creates, updates and manages highly relevant keywords for every landing page on your website.

28.5 Million ads

Ads for machine learning

Our ad tech creates multiple ad variations, providing machine learning the choices needed to improve your advertising performance.

Frequently asked questions

We use Application Programming Interface (API) integration to download your product data directly from your WooCommerce store. We use this data to create highly relevant product feeds and Google Shopping ads. 

Click here to find out how to generate your API credentials in WooCommerce

Our Ad Platform downloads your product data to create a Google Shopping Feed. It then checks that your data complies with Google’s policies. Then our Platform will create an individual Shopping ad for every product and SKU on your website and will publish it to Google Ads.

If your business doesn’t have the products, market or budget to get started with our Ad Platform just yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t advertise in Google! Search for a plug-in that will extract your product data from your WooCommerce store and keep it in sync with Google Shopping.

Read our blog on how to set up a product feed and Google Shopping ads to get started.

We also have a Google Shopping Feed Management tool that will create a highly relevant Google Shopping Feed and Shopping ads optimized for Google’s Machine Learning. Your team can set the strategy and conduct ad optimizations but we can help put them in the best position to do so by taking care of the heavy lifting.

Find more information here.

Google Shopping ads allow you to show your products at the top of Google search results for relevant search terms. Unlike Facebook, your ads are shown to people who have shown a decided interest in your product. There’s no easier way to be found by people searching for the products you sell than with Google Shopping.

Absolutely. Any of our paid plans allow you to bring your own Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts. However, we will need to be the ‘oldest linked’ user so that we can offer you the premium support we get as a Premier Google Partner.

We will only spend whatever you set your budget as, but we’ll help you manage your budget. You set your budget and pay Google directly as the month goes on.

This depends on your individual business and how much you can afford. If you’ve never advertised before, we recommend starting with $1000/month and increasing from there if you start seeing positive results. Look to keep increasing this until your overall generated revenue starts diminishing.

Who we are

We are an Australian digital advertising agency with an international difference

We work with hundreds of online businesses and e-commerce websites with millions of products, to automatically create high performing shopping, search, display and video campaigns.
The key difference for us in the market is our technology automatically creates and updates ads for every product, category, sub-category and every combination of brand, size and colour on your website. In other words, we can create a relevant ad for everything that you sell on your website.

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