What Does Dynamic Creative Do?

What Does Dynamic Creative Do?
The Dynamic Creative Ad Platform helps inventory driven businesses achieve the best possible return from their advertising by creating highly relevant ads from their product, category and service data.

Who We Help

Our Ad Platform offers advertising solutions for inventory driven websites across a variety of industries. Businesses turn to us when;

  • They are frustrated with the performance of their Shopping and Search ads
  • They are struggling to keep up with the pace of change in Google Ads and machine learning
  • When they need to increase campaign efficiencies, reduce cost per click and increase return on investment
  • They want to scale and grow their business 

What We Achieve

Dynamic Creative achieves the best possible return from our customer’s advertising. We achieve reduced costs across Google Shopping, Search & Display so we can generate better returns for the same advertising budget. Ultimately, we achieve more for less.

How We Do It

Dynamic Creative is an e-commerce ad tech company. Our Ad Platform creates highly tailored ads for each product, category and service, optimised to take advantage of Google’s Machine Learning. The combination of our technology, Google’s Big Data and your marketing input, results in highly detailed campaigns that improve the overall relevance, reduce costs and improve the revenue return for our customers.

Luc Thomas

Marketing Manager at Dynamic Creative. Graduated from Adelaide University with a Double Degree in Law and Media.

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