Here Is Your Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping 2020

The Shopping Ads Guide In Brief

1. Google Shopping ads show your website to people searching for the products you sell. They contain your product title, description, image and price and appear at the top of a Google search results page.

2. To get Google Shopping ads you need a ‘Google Shopping Feed’ created from the products on your website. This puts your website data in a readable format ready for Google Merchant Center and your Shopping Ads.

3. Make sure your feed contains lots of relevant information about your products so that your Google Shopping ads match to relevant searches. You can start by making sure the product titles and descriptions on your website are as relevant as possible.

4. Google’s Smart Shopping is the use of automated bidding and placements to improve upon the results of standard Google Shopping Campaigns. If your Shopping ads are set up correctly, you can take advantage of Google’s data to show your products to people that are ready to purchase.

5. If you have difficulties with some of your Google Shopping ads being disapproved or not showing, check your Google Merchant Center account. Use this guide to help you fix any issues you have.

6. We can help with Google Shopping Feed Management or Google Shopping Ads Management.

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