Our Team

How Our Executive Team Manages The Dynamic Creative Ad Platform So We Can Continue To Help Businesses Grow & Scale.

Our Executive Team

Frank Grasso - CEO & Founder

Having worked in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) since the early days of AltaVista and Lycos, Frank started his search career consulting to early adopters of SEM where he developed a reputation for his outstanding work with travel and retail websites.

Developing the Dynamic Creative Ad Platform has been a highlight of Frank’s 20+ years in the industry. The Ad Platform has seen many iterations since it was first created in 2006 as Frank and the Dynamic Creative development team have adapted to Google’s ever-changing nature. By staying relevant to their customers and Google, Frank and the Dynamic Creative Ad Platform have been able to help hundreds of eCommerce websites grow and scale through effective and efficient advertising.

Dr Narelle Hutchesson - CMO

Narelle has 28 years professional marketing experience, working across multiple industries in Market Research roles. Narelle has been with Dynamic Creative for almost 10 years in a variety of positions, from Customer researcher, Director of Strategy and now Chief Marketing Officer. At all times, Narelle has had the customer at the heart of all activities and is passionate about driving extreme service quality.

Narelle oversees the account management of the 400+ eCommerce businesses serviced by Dynamic Creative. Narelle strives to ensure that the combined management of Dynamic Creative’s Ad Tech, Google Ads and Machine learning is driving business growth for all of Dynamic Creative’s customers.

Trevor Glen - COO

Trevor has specialised in the development and provision of custom build software applications and systems to business and consumers alike. Trevor started his career as a software engineer before progressing to the development and implementation of strategies to improve operational efficiencies.

As the Chief Operating Officer at Dynamic Creative, Trevor works closely with Founder and CEO, Frank Grasso in developing and managing the Dynamic Creative Ad Platform. Through his background in Software Engineering and experience in operational strategy, Trevor is perfectly placed to ensure the Dynamic Creative Ad Tech is consistently helping eCommerce businesses unlock growth opportunities through their Google Advertising.

Tim Campbell - CTO

Tim has worked in software engineering for almost 20 years. With his vast experience as a design engineer and software architect, Tim has proven ability in delivering mission-critical software.

Tim’s time at Dynamic Creative has seen him move from Lead Developer to Product Director before joining the executive team as Chief Technical Officer. Tim oversees Dynamic Creative’s growing in-house dev and support team to ensure Dynamic Creative’s Ad Tech adapts to the latest Google Innovations. Tim has been the driving force behind Dynamic Creative’s Ad Tech over the last 3 years, ensuring the platform continues to helps customer grow their business with Google Ads.

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