Optimize Your Google Product Feed with FeedOps

Optimized Feed

FeedOps is a tool that allows you to drive quality traffic to product pages. FeedOps helps get products seen by more people, more often with advanced feed optimisation. Get an Optimized Feed for Google Shopping with FeedOps.

What is a Product Feed?

A product feed is a digitised list of your website’s products and their attributes. This can include a product’s price, title, image, SKU etc. A Product Feed allows you to display your products in Google Shopping, Google’s Free Listings on the Shopping Tab as well as other platforms such as Bing and Facebook. FeedOps automatically generates a Product Feed from your website’s eCommerce platform.

Why You Need an Optimized Feed

If you’re looking for online sales, it’s not enough to just have a Product Feed. You need to set up your feed so that you’re reaching the right people and not wasting advertising dollars.

Improve advertising and free shopping listing performance

A more relevant feed will help you to improve your revenue and ROAS. If your feed is more relevant to a specific search, you will improve your CTR% and reduce your costs. Ways to improve your CTR% could include an enticing image, competitive pricing, descriptive copy or even Merchant Center Promotions.

Reach more people

An optimized feed can help you to reach more people interested in your products. By including descriptive KeyWords that match the way people search, you can increase your potential impression share. Things like colour, size, condition (new or pre-loved) etc. are all ways in which people search. This is particularly useful if you want to increase the reach of your Shopping Ads.

Reach a more targeted, better qualified audience

You can also optimize your feed to reach a more targeted, better qualified audience. For example, if there are two Shopping ads for the same dress, one has the title “Orange Pleated Maxi Dress Size 14” and another “Women’s Dress”, the more descriptive ad is more likely to match to a specific search term.

Optimized Feed

Users searching for a specific term are also far more likely to convert than people who are just beginning their purchase journey; searching for broader terms.

Keep up to date with pricing and availability

It’s important to regularly update your feed so that the pricing and availability of your products is up to date in your ads. Having a product feed set up to automatically pull through those attributes and schedule this in Merchant Center is essential.

How FeedOps Can Optimize Your Feed

FeedOps allows you to make these optimizations across all of your products, in bulk, to increase your advertising reach and visibility.

Bulk product title optimization

With FeedOps, you can prefix your website titles with other feed attributes. The API integration will pull through brands, categories, size or any other attribute specified on your site. As mentioned above, this can help drive more traffic, and more relevant traffic. This will improve your revenue and ROAS performance.

Bulk category & attribute rewrites

Rewrite categories or attributes to match search terms – e.g. if you have a “shoes” category on site and the sub-category is “running” you can change the subcategory to “running shoes” and include that in your ad copy. The same goes for any attribute that you want to clean up for a user; something like size or colour. Once again this will help you to match the way people search for your products.

Edit or add any attribute category or field

FeedOps allows you to edit or add any attribute category or field. This is useful if you need to add or edit attributes like “GTINs” or “Gender” to improve performance or resolve Merchant Center disapprovals. This helps you get more products approved to get more traffic to your site.

How Else FeedOps Can Help

  • Proactive Feed Reviews; Get reviews of your feed optimizations & errors in Merchant Center
  • GTIN Overlays; We have a GTIN database that can help you fill in the gaps
  • Video conference support; Discuss specific issues or general feeds and Merchant Center training
  • Custom feed formats & structures; If you need a feed at a parent-product level, or in a different format FeedOps can help
  • Custom label implementation; You can implement a custom label to segment your advertising based upon product margin or focus brands or categories

To get an optimized feed with FeedOps on a 30-day trial, or to book a demo, go to FeedOps.com

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