Long-tail Retail Ads - Managed Software

Reach more shoppers in the market for the products you sell

Relevant ads for every stage of the buyer journey.  Be found when buyers start researching, all the way through to sale. We create and update ads for all your products in stock and manage to your revenue goals. Ad formats include Google Shopping, Search and Display; Microsoft Search and Shopping; plus Facebook Dynamic Remarketing. 
For retailers with 100s and many 1000s of SKUs


Be there on the buyer journey

Buyer behaviour has never been so complicated.  Having an ad for your products and brand when a customer is looking, increases your distribution and opportunity to generate revenue.  

Longtail ads for all of your products

Dynamic Creative synchronizes with your product data, creates and updates your ads at scale.  

Sync product data 6 times a day

Website or category level title optimization

Help docs and forum support

Chat, email and video support