Growing Business With Online Advertising: Case Study


“Dynamic Creative not only achieved our essential 10:1 goal, they maintained it at higher ad spends. On the back of these results, we’ve been able to open 3 new stores across Australia.” Mannys – Luke Bowditch | Marketing

The Objective

Mannys is an independent musical instrument and equipment store. With just a solitary ‘brick and mortar store’ in Melbourne, Mannys’ challenge was to compete in the national market at scale. Before becoming a customer of ours, Mannys were not maintaining profitability and felt that national exposure was impossible. They were struggling to achieve a positive return from their online advertising. “We needed a 10:1 return on ad spend to keep the lights on”, said Luke the marketing manager.

When they came on board with us, it became our mission to achieve their goals by helping them grow their business online and compete in the national market.


Our approach has been to use our Ad Tech in conjunction with Google’s Machine Learning to drive the most relevant traffic to their website. Our Google Ads campaigns are specifically created and optimized to leverage Google’s Data, showing ads to consumers who are in-market to make a purchase. Our execution of this strategy included being fast to market with Google Smart Shopping, highly relevant Search campaigns, budget growth and Display ads.

Google Search Ads

Through the use of the Dynamic Creative Ad Platform, we built our individual model (SKU) Search Ads for all products on the website. The ad copy for these ads included the manufacturer name plus model number, product description and availability. Furthermore, ads were kept updated with live inventory and price changes. Our Ad Platform would automatically turn off advertisements for items when out of stock and updated the displayed price when changes were made.

This meant that they would not be spending their advertising budget on products that they were unable to sell. With the inclusion of price, we also avoided clicks from consumers who would not be willing to pay a particular price for a particular product. Therefore, our ads were able to pre qualify customers before they clicked.

The ads would also have relevant landing pages. For example, an ad for a ‘Roland Digital Keyboard’ would take the consumer directly to the specific page of Roland Digital Keyboards on Mannys’ website. This campaign type was rolled out nationally.

We chose to create this type of campaign to match the way consumers were searching in Mannys’ industry. After prospective customers had done their research on their desired product and were ready to buy, they would search for the model number plus the manufacturer name and compare the prices.

Example Ad

The results were astounding, they experienced:

  • 252% uplift in return on ad spend
  • 92% increase in conversions in two months after launching

Google Shopping Advertising

We understand that Google drives innovation and Shopping is a great format to advertise individual products with an accompanying image which is appealing to customers. Together with price, brand and promotional offers, customers are even more prequalified compared to a text ad. Therefore, the Ad Platform also built out a product feed alongside Google Shopping campaigns to drive in-market consumers to the website to purchase. The feed is also automatically updated regularly.

Alongside the text ads, Mannys now has high impression share when it came to page real estate. When you search for manufacturer plus model, a text ad as well as a shopping ad would now appear. Even if a consumer didn’t click on our ad, we were able to get the customer’s brand name out there and associate it with the products.

To build upon this, as a Premier Partner we were able to test Smart Shopping campaigns when still in beta. We immediately saw an opportunity and transferred the customer from Standard Shopping campaigns to Smart Shopping during the beta. The results were amazing.


  • Return on Ad Spend increased by a further 66%, now achieving over a 10:1
  • Cost per Click decreased by 22%

Display Ads

To support this growth, we suggested running display campaigns to promote the new store openings as well as continue growing brand recognition. Using Google responsive display ads, we showed ads to users in Sydney and Brisbane who have previously visited the website. We also used in market audiences to show ads to users who have shown interest and are in-market to buy musical instruments and equipment. This has not only helped online results, but in store as well, with the new store opening being a success!

Results so far have been positive:

  • Impressions increased by 44%
  • Clicks increased by 37%
  • Local actions have increased by 7%
  • Cost per Click on the display ads are low at $0.10

Budget Growth

With the unprecedented growth in just over a year, Mannys doubled their media investment in Google. They’ve even been able to maintain their 1000% Return on Ad Spend while doubling their budget, doubling their profit contribution. During the holiday season they managed to break their own records, achieving over a 12:1 Return on Ad Spend. During this time, we actually had to stop advertisement in all channels, as the fulfilment team could not keep up with the amount of sales.

  • Maintained ROAS while doubling their budget
  • 100% increase in profit contribution

Meeting Mannys’ Objective

Through improvements to advertising efficiency, freedom to increase advertising budget with a profitable return, and an uplift in conversions, Mannys have been able to compete at a national scale. Built on the basis of this success, they have since opened 2 new stores in Sydney and Brisbane with one soon to be opened in Perth. They have also hired more employees in the fulfilment team to keep up with the online demand.

  • 3 New Stores

Mannys Stores

How Our Ad Tech Works Alongside Machine Learning

Our Ad Tech is uniquely positioned to unlock the power of Machine Learning. Our Google Search Ad campaign templates and our Google Shopping optimizations are designed to take advantage of Google’s Big Data to help eCommerce businesses grow and scale.

As discussed in this case study our strategy involved the use of Smart Shopping and Smart Bidding in conjunction with our Ad Tech. We began Smart Shopping during the beta testing stages to remain competitive in the market dominated by many major brands. This was a new and exciting opportunity as it combined both standard shopping and display remarketing campaigns, therefore allowing us to advertise Manny’s 9000+ products to consumers with the strong buying interest. Furthermore, as Smart Shopping uses automated bidding, it allowed us to simplify our campaign management, giving us more time with Mannys to plan and implement new strategies for growth. Smart Shopping really gave us the competitive edge, allowing for national coverage in the Google search and display network, overcoming our challenge and hitting our goals.

  • Smart shopping Return On Ad Spend increased by 66%
  • By the holiday season, Return On Ad Spend increased a further 20%

Another automated solution discussed in the case study is the use of Smart Bidding. Our search campaigns use a mixture of Target CPA and Maximise Clicks. We chose to utilise Smart Bidding as our highly granular campaigns allow for enhanced Machine Bidding. The Machine Learning algorithm is able to factor in a wide range of parameters and contextual signals that have impacted performance in a positive way, more than a single person or team could compute. Since making the switch from enhanced CPC:

  • Cost Per Acquisition decreased by 14%
  • Conversions increased by 18%
  • Ad spend maintained
  • Revenue in the Google Ads channel, increased by 35%

This case study reflects how Dynamic Creative works side by side with many retailers to grow their business with online advertising.

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Excellent Service, helped take our business to the next level, thanks Team Dynamic 😃😃
Martin Fleming
Martin Fleming
10. December, 2020.
I have been with Dynamic Creative for a while and have loved every single part of it. Clear communication, respond fast and great results. We used to be with another company and since partnering with Dynamic Creative, we doubled our return on investment. I would definitely recommend them. Ellie
Elien Degraeve
Elien Degraeve
9. December, 2020.
We have been working with CD since March – the move worked seamlessly and results are excellent with big sales growth. I work with an Account Manager when required and that has been a great support for making decisions on the Account. We are very pleased with our move to CD.
Manta Surf Co.
Manta Surf Co.
8. December, 2020.
Lucinda has been amazing to work with. She closely monitors the account, provides updates, and optimises where necessary to achieve our set goals. Communication is clear and fast. Would highly recommend working with her and Dynamic Creative!
Georgia Gwyn
Georgia Gwyn
7. December, 2020.
I have worked with Dynamic Creative for the past 9 months and they are a wonderful team to work with!! They have a clear understanding of our goals and have helped strategize, execute, and fine tune our campaigns in effort to reach them. Always professional, always responsive and always knowledgeable.
Olivia DiCapua
Olivia DiCapua
9. November, 2020.
Great service and friendly staff. Professional and reliable online markteting skills. Always helpful whenever there is a problem.
26. October, 2020.
I highly recommend Dynamic Creative. The team is results driven and is always happy to help. Tiff is very professional and great to work with.
Mathilde POLLIER
Mathilde POLLIER
8. October, 2020.
I have found Dynamic Creative to be very helpful and integral to our online business. They have helped us achieve amazing online sales and are now a must have investment for our business and we look forward to sharing a long and profitable relationship.
Evan Jones
Evan Jones
29. September, 2020.
Our company has been working with Dynamic Creative for many years across several markets. The team has always shown great initiative and action towards our goals. Clear communication, fast response and overall a pleasure to work with. Lucinda, as well as the team, is a great professional who puts real care and understanding into her work.
Kantar Profiles
Kantar Profiles
24. September, 2020.
As the Marketing Manager of two large retail brands, I have been a client of Dynamic Creative’s for three years. We initially started by trialling the smaller of our two brands with them, and based on the results transitioned the balance of our business from another provider across to DC. The tech that they use is smart, efficiently delivery traffic and returns (ROAS) well beyond our targets. We are a growing business, with changing needs, even more so right now (2020). As our needs change, DC has been nimble and worked with us to modify our advertising to take advantage of various opportunities. Communication with my account manager Tiff is excellent, as with access to the wider team (all very friendly and pleasant to work with). They are quick to respond to requests, address any concerns and provide advice on best practices, often going the extra mile to help me find creative solutions. We are delighted with what we have achieved together and happily continue our partnership. Recommended.
Luke Bowditch
Luke Bowditch
23. September, 2020.

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