Google Shopping Award [NEWS] Dynamic Creative Wins Back To Back!

Dynamic Creative - Google Award Winners

Winners of the Google shopping Award for Excellence February 14th, 2020. [News]

Dynamic Creative won the Google Shopping Award for Excellence at the 2019 Google Premier Partner Awards in Sydney last Friday. This is the second Google Shopping award in as many years for the Ad Platform after taking out the Google Shopping Innovator Award in 2018.

The Google Shopping Award, open to Google Premier Partners in Australia and New Zealand, comes after Dynamic Creative were selected as finalists in an unprecedented 4 Google Premier Partner Award categories in 2019, more than any other agency. Premier Partners are the leading providers of Google Ads management and meet Google’s strict certification and performance requirements.

Google Awards 2019

Dynamic Creative has been recognised for their commitment to customer growth through Google Shopping. 2019 was a tough year for Australian Retailers with drops in discretionary consumer spending due to external factors such as bushfires as well as high competition from international business. Dynamic Creative has been able to buck the trend for Australian retailers with highly relevant and competitive advertising, sustaining growth for their customers.

The Ad Platform’s patented software integrates with websites to automatically create highly relevant Google Shopping Feeds & Ads. The Dynamic Creative software then automatically optimizes product data to leverage Google’s Machine Learning and their team of experts manage ad performance.

“We’re proud to receive this award and be recognised by Google as the leading provider of effective Shopping campaigns two years in a row. We’re prouder still that through our emphasis on automation we’ve been able to reduce our customer costs, improving their ROI and generating them more revenue through Google Shopping.” – Frank Grasso, CEO

Google Shopping ads are the fastest growing format in e-commerce advertising. They allow eCommerce businesses to show their products at the top of Google search results for search terms relevant to their products.


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Google Shopping Award [NEWS] Dynamic Creative Wins Back To Back!

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