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Go from first sales to predictable revenue with Google Shopping using the Dynamic Creative Ad Platform.

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Be found with Google Shopping

Get your website found by shoppers searching for the products you sell using Google Shopping Ads.

EXPERT help at every step

We take the hassle out of getting into Google. We manage the steps required to get your Google Shopping ads showing.



Singapore Dollar & New Zealand Dollar Billing options are available within the app

All of the Google Shopping plans include the following features

  • Google Shopping ads product data automatically sourced and updated from your e-commerce store (Google Shopping feed)
  • Unlimited Google Shopping campaigns and ads automatically created
  • Unlimited products and SKUs
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Email and in-app support available
  • Ability to use your existing Google Ads account
  • Ability to use your existing Google Merchant Center account
  • Google Smart Shopping available
  • Machine Learning Enabler add-on available

Frequently asked questions

Our Ad Platform downloads your product data to create a Google Shopping Feed. It then checks that your data complies with Google’s policies. Then our Platform will create an individual Shopping ad for every product and SKU on your website and publish it to Google Ads.

We also have a Google Shopping Feed Management tool that will create a highly relevant Google Shopping Feed and Shopping ads optimized for Google’s Machine Learning. Your team can set the strategy and conduct ad optimizations but we can help put them in the best position to do so by taking care of the ugly side.

Find more information here.

Google Shopping ads allow you to show your products at the top of Google search results for relevant search terms. Unlike Facebook, your ads are shown to people who have shown a decided interest in your product. There’s no easier way to be found by people searching for the products you sell than with Google Shopping.

Absolutely. Any of our paid plans allow you to bring your own Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts. However, we will need to be the ‘oldest linked’ user so that we can offer you the premium support we get as a Premier Google Partner.

We will only spend whatever you set your budget as, but we’ll help you manage your budget. You set your budget and pay Google directly as the month goes on.

This depends on your individual business and how much you can afford. If you’ve never advertised before, we recommend starting with $1000/month and increasing from there if you start seeing positive results. Look to keep increasing this until your overall generated revenue starts diminishing.

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