Shopping Feeds for Merchants

Sell more of your products in Google Shopping

Create and optimize one or more Google Shopping Feeds either individually, or as a team.

  No coding required.

single or unlimited users

single or unlimited stores

unlimited SKUs

Sell more of your products without worrying about the technology

Get an automated SEO Google Shopping Feed

Get a Google Shopping feed containing all available key attributes with auto optimized product titles and support for customization that maximizes exposure in Google Shopping.

Merchant Center error support

Connect to an existing or create a new Google Merchant Center account for Merchant Center error reporting with error resolution support.

Feed optimization support

Get expert technical feed optimization and Merchant Center error support.  Contact us any time to discuss and solve any feed related advertising performance issues.

Sync product data 6 times a day

Website or category level title optimization

Help docs and forum support

Chat, email and video support

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Suits merchants that want to list products for free on the Google Shopping tab


AUD $349

/month /feed

Great for merchants and Agencies that want personalised feed optimisation support

* We are integrated with the major eCommerce platforms. We can also support custom eCommerce platforms, however, an integration fee may apply. Get Started to find out more, more information can be found inside the app.