Why You Should Never Google Your Business As An Advertiser

As an e-commerce retailer there’s often a temptation to check whether your SEO and SEM campaigns are working by Googling yourself. However, this may harm your organic showing as well as in your paid advertising. On top of this, what you see may not be a fair reflection of how often your ads are showing. So here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t Google your own business.   Googling Yourself Can Harm Your Ad Campaigns The key to reducing[…]

Setting A Goal For Your Digital Advertising

Ask any business owner or CEO if they want to grow their business and they will ask you if it’s a loaded question. They will always say yes to the question of growth, it’s their job to grow revenue and increase profits. Ask the same person what the goal of digital advertising is and they will tell you that they want more sales or sales leads either in-store or online. All of these equate to revenue. Isn’t ROAS the goal[…]

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