Google Ads Budget: When Should I Increase or Decrease?

Recently, Dynamic Creative has been getting many questions from clients regarding when they should be increasing or decreasing Google Ads budgets. Our answer to these questions always comes back to: Your goals or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators); and The current market opportunities This blog goes through reasons why you should increase or decrease your Google

Google Advertising During COVID-19

Google Advertising During COVID-19

If you own or run a retail business you may be looking for options on how to maintain sales and market share during this period of uncertainty. Creating, maintaining and optimising Google Advertising during COVID-19 may just be the answer you are looking for… Create Google Advertising During COVID-19 Whilst traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ retail

Google Display Banners

Google Display Banners – Why Do They Look Like That?

We are regularly asked questions from customers about their Google display banners and how or where they are shown across the Google Display Network. Common questions we are asked include: Can we remove the layout red tag that shows “price drops” and “hot items”? Can we align the Google display banners to match our branding?

Google Ad Formats, What Should You Use

Many people ask us why they should be advertising online, what Google ad formats they should be using and what the difference is between them. If you’re also asking these questions, read on. Importance of online advertising Online advertising is critical to the success of a business with a website, particularly for those needing to

Bathware Direct

COVID-19 Online Retail Case Study

Online sales during a coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak The coronavirus outbreak is weighing heavily on the Australian economy, with many brands closing retail stores, people working from home and unemployment drastically increasing. Our approach, in online marketing, is to maintain flexibility and push where there are gains in revenue for businesses at this time. Bathware Direct

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic Remarketing – Its Now Free With Smart Shopping

What Is Dynamic Remarketing? Remarketing is commonly known as a way to re-engage with people who have previously visited your website, or used your mobile app. Dynamic remarketing is a more advanced version of this, allowing you to show ads that contain images of the specific products or services these people have recently viewed. This

man buys from e-commerce ready website

e-Commerce Ready Website. What You Need To Know

e- Commerce Ready? Online retail is growing in Australia. So far in 2020, revenue from e-Commerce has already increased by 10% year on year. Given the current retail conditions, this number is only expected to rise. Whether they have an existing website or not, it’s never been more important for businesses to get e-Commerce ready.

Should You Be Running Your Own Google Ads Quiz

Google Ads Quiz – Should You Be Running Your Own Google Ads?

Take this 5 minute eCommerce Google Ads Quiz Google Ads for eCommerce can be easy to start but hard to master. You may have some sales from your ads coming in the door and you may be happy with the results, but are you leaving opportunities on the table? Take this “low tech” eCommerce Google

Keywords for Google Ads

Keywords For Google Ads -How To Easily Find The Best

Sourcing the right keywords is crucial to ensure your Google Ads are served to the right person. Poorly chosen keywords will not only result in minimal traffic to your website, but also can be costly. Finding the best keywords for Google Ads can be done through your own research, as well as utilising Google’s numerous

Set Up Merchant Center

Set Up Merchant Center – How to Easily Set Up Your Account

Before you start to set up Merchant Center you should ask yoursef if you have the skills to do it. It can be a little daunting if you have little Google Ads experience.  If you want to test your knowledge that this Google Ads Quiz. What is Google Merchant Center & Why You Need It

Google Shopping Feeds Software


Get products listed and approved in Google Merchant Center with FeedOps. 
No coding required.

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