Google Ads Professional

9 Reasons Why You Need A Google Ads Professional

In today’s world, people can easily and quickly become an ‘expert’ at anything after a few Google searches or YouTube videos. However, here are 9 reasons why you need a Google Ads professional to run you Google Ads campaigns. 1. Google is constantly changing Google has over 120,000 employees, from the most recent estimates, with

Expected Click-Through Rate

How to Improve Your Expected Click-Through Rate

What is Expected Click Through Rate? Expected click-through rate is one of the three elements of a Google Search ads keyword’s quality score. Along with landing page experience and ad relevance, a high expected click-through rate will improve the quality of your advertising, lowering your costs. Click through rate details how often your ads were

What is Ad Relevance and How Can You Improve It?

Ad relevance is a keyword status that describes how well your keyword matches with your ads. Think about it this way, if a potential customer searches for your keyword and sees your ad, would your ad match their search? Ad relevance is also one of the three factors that make up your quality score, along

Landing Pages

How To Create The Ultimate Landing Page Experience

Your landing page is the URL people land on after they click your ad. Google analyses this page through automated and human processes. Google Ads then uses landing page experience as a measure to let you know how well your website gives people what they are looking for after they click an ad. So, there

Online Growth

Delivering strong online growth for retailers during COVID-19

Through this time of uncertainty, Dynamic Creative has noticed a trend where established online retailers are seeing strong online growth during COVID-19 as more and more customers are looking to go online to buy. Dynamic Creative customers in industries such as homeware, fashion, electronics, and furniture (to name a few) have definitely seen increases. As

Maximising Online Growth

10 Things You Need To Know To Maximise Online Growth

Growing your business online can be a difficult and timely process particularly given current circumstances. But through effective and efficient advertising you can speed up the process and maximise your growth opportunities. Here are our top ten steps to maximising your online growth. 1. Set a goal that works for your company The first thing

Google Audiences

How To Effectively Utilise Google Ads Audiences

Google gives you access to a number of audiences which can be used to help optimise your campaigns. However, it is important to effectively utilise Google Ads audiences, specific to your goals. Do you want to reach new people based on their interests? Or do you want to target based on how people have previously

Benefits Of Google Ads

The Hidden Benefits Of Google Ads For Retailers

If you are an e-commerce retailer that has advertised online, you most likely know the main benefit of Google Ads is that it provides clear returns: you can see how much you spend; how much revenue you have made online from this spend and then calculate the efficiency of this. The intent-driven nature of the

Google Shopping Announcement – Free Listings in the Shopping Tab

Today Google announced free Google Shopping listings. What it is – free organic listings on Google shopping which will be available only in the Google Shopping tab on (not the Google search homepage). This will power a larger comparison engine of products within the Shopping tab exclusively.   Your paid Shopping ads will continue to serve within this tab (as well as on the

Reasons Why You Have A Google Reporting Discrepancy

If you are running advertising through Google Ads, you have probably noticed reporting discrepancies between Google Ads and Google Analytics. If you do not understand these discrepancies and what can cause them, it can lead to frustration and ultimately a misunderstanding when it comes to the performance of your advertising campaigns. Types of Reporting Discrepancies

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