How To Write The Best Ad Copy For Google Ads

If you want to beat your competitors through Google Search Ads you’ll need to ensure that your ad copy is up to scratch. Optimised ad copy will encourage clicks, boost your expected click-through-rate, improve your overall quality score and lead to more sales at a lower cost. When writing ad copy it’s important to think

Advertise In Google And Help Your Organic Traffic

At Dynamic Creative we are often asked by our customers about paid versus organic traffic and how to measure these sources. People sometimes refer to these avenues as if they are in competition with each other! However, we much prefer to discuss these sources using an overarching strategy, where they work together to improve your

Replatforming Your Website & What You Should Consider

So, you’re thinking about replatforming your website? This is a decision that can have major impacts on your online business. Before committing to re-platforming however, there are a number of things that you should consider. Why Are You Replatforming Your Website? The first and most important question to ask yourself is why? Are you looking

Youtube Advertising 101: What Are Video Campaigns?

At Dynamic Creative we believe in a reverse funnel approach to digital advertising. We want to get sales “in the door” or “through your shopping cart” via Shopping then Search Ads. From there, it’s about prospecting for out of market customers through display and video ads. Therefore, we believe Youtube Advertising should be about extended

Discovery Ads Now Available Globally, So What Are They?

In 2019 Google introduced a new Google Ads campaign type called Discovery Ads that was only available to selected advertisers. As of April 2020, Discovery Ads became available for all advertisers. This was to help advertisers reach up to 2.8 billion customers across Google feeds. As you are probably aware, the way consumers shop and

Google Search

What is Google Quality Score and Why Does it Matter?

What is Quality Score? Quality Score is defined by Google as an estimate of the quality of your ads. It is reported for each of your keywords based on the quality of the ads and the landing pages that triggered them. Quality Score is an aggregated estimate of how well a keyword has performed overall

How To Advertise On Google

How to Advertise on Google: 3 Ways to Start

If you want to be found by people searching for your products, you need to be advertising on Google. Unlike other platforms, Google allows you to show your products to people in the market for what you sell. If you’ve already tried Facebook marketing you’ll know that you don’t always generate sales when targeting a

How To Get More Customers With Google Ads

If you are looking to grow your business you should be aiming to get more customers through your online channel. More customers can lead to more sales and higher revenue for your business. Google Ads is considered the de facto leader in online advertising for a reason! It can provide you with a channel to

New Free Google Tool: Rising Retail Categories

Google has now released their free ‘Rising Retail Categories’ tool to help make sense of the unpredictable market changes and consumer behaviour many businesses have faced amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Rising Retail Categories tool is interactive, and shows you what the fast-rising retail categories are in Google Search. It also shows you what locations

Growing Ethical, Sustainable Business: A Zero Waste Hero

“Since we started with Dynamic Creative, we were able to turn our start up into a profitable business and grow it. Their customer service is outstanding and I love their personal approach.” – Ellie Degraeve (Owner) Go For Zero are an Australian born, Queensland based, small business start-up, fronted by Ellie Degraeve. Ellie created the

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