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Google Ads, GDPR and the Privacy Shield

Google Ads, GDPR and the Privacy Shield

Today Google announced updates to their data processing and protection terms. In this post I will outline what the changes are, why they are being made, and what it all means to you, the advertiser. What is changing and why? Google’s changes are to ensure compliance with European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR is a

New Free Google Tool: Rising Retail Categories

Google has now released their free ‘Rising Retail Categories’ tool to help make sense of the unpredictable market changes and consumer behaviour many businesses have faced amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Rising Retail Categories tool is interactive, and shows you what the fast-rising retail categories are in Google Search. It also shows you what locations

Google Shopping Announcement – Free Listings in the Shopping Tab

Today Google announced free Google Shopping listings. What it is – free organic listings on Google shopping which will be available only in the Google Shopping tab on (not the Google search homepage). This will power a larger comparison engine of products within the Shopping tab exclusively.   Your paid Shopping ads will continue to serve within this tab (as well as on the

Best Sellers Report

Best Sellers Report Will Give You An Edge Over Your Competition [NEWS]

Google has now released their ‘Best Sellers Report’ to all Google Merchant Center Accounts. Retailers can use this report to understand user demand for brands and products in their industry. The ‘Best Sellers Report’ provides a list of top products & brands for certain industry categories. It also allows retailers to see if they have

Dynamic Creative - Google Award Winners

Google Shopping Award [NEWS] Dynamic Creative Wins Back To Back!

Winners of the Google shopping Award for Excellence February 14th, 2020. [News] Dynamic Creative won the Google Shopping Award for Excellence at the 2019 Google Premier Partner Awards in Sydney last Friday. This is the second Google Shopping award in as many years for the Ad Platform after taking out the Google Shopping Innovator Award

Top Google Ads Blog

[NEWS] Dynamic Creative Named in Top Google Ads Blogs To Follow in 2020

The Dynamic Creative Blog has been named as the 10th best Google Ads blog to follow in 2020 by Dynamic Creative’s blogs cover helpful ‘How Tos’ in Google Ads as well as pieces to explain how we help our customers improve their returns in Google.    In 2020 we will deliver weekly content to

New Campaign Structures For Flights

New Ad Campaign Structures For Flights [Ad Platform Update]

January 14th 2020. The latest release for the Dynamic Creative Ad Platform gives us the ability to create new and improved standardised Google Ads campaign structures for Flights. Dynamic Creative has released a ‘Flights vertical scheme’, allowing for the creation of new flight and travel ad campaigns directly within our platform.  New Ad Campaign Structures

Major Search Update for Dynamic Creative Ad Platform

Search Campaigns for Machine Learning “Enhanced” [Ad Platform Update]

Search Campaigns for Machine Learning “Enhanced” [Ad Platform Update]. November 15th 2019. Over the past 6 months, Dynamic Creative has been working to enhance our customer’s results from Google Search, upon which our Ad Platform was originally built.  We have updated our Ad Platform software thus enabling Search campaigns to take full advantage of Google’s


Google launched free product listings which requires a feed to get relevant traffic to your website. 

Use FeedOps to get products listed in Google for Free.

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