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Navigating your way through online advertising information is difficult.   Where to start, how to grow, technical issues and how to solve them, the list is long.  

Frank Grasso

Google Shopping Announcement – Free Listings in the Shopping Tab

Today Google announced free Google Shopping listings. What it is – free organic listings on Google shopping which will be available only in the Google Shopping tab on (not the Google search homepage). This will power a larger comparison engine of products within the Shopping tab exclusively.   Your paid Shopping ads will continue to serve within this tab

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New Campaign Structures For Flights
Luc Thomas

New Ad Campaign Structures For Flights [Ad Platform Update]

January 14th 2020. The latest release for the Dynamic Creative Ad Platform gives us the ability to create new and improved standardised Google Ads campaign structures for Flights. Dynamic Creative has released a ‘Flights vertical scheme’, allowing for the creation of new flight and travel ad campaigns directly within our

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