Intermediate Advertising Articles

Merchant Center Disapprovals & Simple Ways To Fix

If you want to advertise your products online, your Merchant Center disapprovals must be kept to a minimum or your ads will not be eligible to serve. If you don’t have a feed, don’t worry, we can help you with our Google Shopping Feed management. This blog will aim to guide you as the retailer

Advertise On Your Own Brand

Advertise My Brand, Should I? Yes, Absolutely Yes!

Should I advertise my brand is a common question. We often get objections from our customers about their need to advertise on search terms that contain their brand name. On the surface it makes sense to question why you should pay for traffic that you feel you might get organically anyway, but, by not, you

Why You Should Never google your Own Business

Google Yourself ? Here Is How It Can Harm Your Ad Campaign

As an e-commerce retailer there’s often a temptation Google yourself to see if  your search campaigns are working. However, to Google yourself may harm your paid advertising.  On top of this, what you see may not be a fair reflection of how often your ads are showing. So here are a few reasons why you

Cost of Google Ads

Cost Of Google Ads, Practical Ways To Save Money

Cost Of Google Ads too high? Running campaigns in Google Ads can become quite costly if you are not running your campaigns with Google’s best practices in mind.  To cut the cost of Google Ads you must make your ad more relevant. The more relevant your ads are to a user the lower the cost

What Are Dynamic Search Ads?

Dynamic Search Ads (What And How To Actually Set Them Up)

What Are Dynamic Search Ads?  Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) are an ad format available in Google Ads that allow advertisers to find customers searching on Google for precisely what the advertiser offers. They are ideal for advertisers with a well developed website or websites with a large inventory. This is because DSAs use your website

When Should You Have Multiple Smart Shopping Campaigns

When Should You Have Multiple Smart Shopping Campaigns?

Google’s Smart Shopping best practices often include splitting out your products into multiple Smart Shopping campaigns; but is that always the best practice and if so, why? To understand the logic behind Google’s recommendation to split your products into multiple campaigns you have to look at the goal of your online advertising. Consider if your

Google Shopping Feed Requirements

Google Shopping Feed Attributes – What You Need To Know

This blog will look at Google Shopping Feed attributes & requirements, if you don’t already have a Google Shopping feed, we can help you get started with our Google Shopping Feed Management. There are many different attributes and requirements that are available to you in your Google Shopping Feed. Ultimately, the goal of your Google

You Have Google Smart Shopping, Now What?

Google Smart Shopping, You Have It – Now What?

With advances in Google’s Smart Bidding, it’s becoming easier for online retailers to put all of their eggs in the Google Smart Shopping basket. Don’t do that. Doing so has its benefits and its pitfalls. Google Smart Shopping takes advantage of Google’s Machine Learning to help reach more shoppers looking to buy the products you

How To Optimize Smart Shopping Campaigns

How To Optimize Smart Shopping Campaigns

Once you’ve created your Google Smart Shopping Campaigns you need to know how to properly optimize them. Read on to find out how best to utilise Google’s Machine Learning and Smart Shopping campaigns. Smart Shopping campaigns push your shopping campaigns to the next level, expanding your reach across the Google display network with new advertising

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