Intermediate Advertising Articles

Conversion Delay May Be Your Answer To Performance Drops

What is conversion delay? When viewing your Google Ads Shopping or Search performance you may notice that the most recent days seem lower than usual. However, don’t sweat just yet, your account may be experiencing what Google calls “conversion delay” or “conversion lag”. If you are using an attribution model that is not “last click”,

Discovery Ads Now Available Globally, So What Are They?

In 2019 Google introduced a new Google Ads campaign type called Discovery Ads that was only available to selected advertisers. As of April 2020, Discovery Ads became available for all advertisers. This was to help advertisers reach up to 2.8 billion customers across Google feeds. As you are probably aware, the way consumers shop and

Google Search

What is Google Quality Score and Why Does it Matter?

What is Quality Score? Quality Score is defined by Google as an estimate of the quality of your ads. It is reported for each of your keywords based on the quality of the ads and the landing pages that triggered them. Quality Score is an aggregated estimate of how well a keyword has performed overall

Expected Click-Through Rate

How to Improve Your Expected Click-Through Rate

What is Expected Click Through Rate? Expected click-through rate is one of the three elements of a Google Search ads keyword’s quality score. Along with landing page experience and ad relevance, a high expected click-through rate will improve the quality of your advertising, lowering your costs. Click through rate details how often your ads were

What is Ad Relevance and How Can You Improve It?

Ad relevance is a keyword status that describes how well your keyword matches with your ads. Think about it this way, if a potential customer searches for your keyword and sees your ad, would your ad match their search? Ad relevance is also one of the three factors that make up your quality score, along

Landing Pages

How To Create The Ultimate Landing Page Experience

Your landing page is the URL people land on after they click your ad. Google analyses this page through automated and human processes. Google Ads then uses landing page experience as a measure to let you know how well your website gives people what they are looking for after they click an ad. So, there

Google Ads Budget: When Should I Increase or Decrease?

Recently, Dynamic Creative has been getting many questions from clients regarding when they should be increasing or decreasing Google Ads budgets. Our answer to these questions always comes back to: Your goals or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators); and The current market opportunities This blog goes through reasons why you should increase or decrease your Google

Google Display Banners

Google Display Banners – Why Do They Look Like That?

We are regularly asked questions from customers about their Google display banners and how or where they are shown across the Google Display Network. Common questions we are asked include: Can we remove the layout red tag that shows “price drops” and “hot items”? Can we align the Google display banners to match our branding?

Keywords for Google Ads

Keywords For Google Ads -How To Easily Find The Best

Sourcing the right keywords is crucial to ensure your Google Ads are served to the right person. Poorly chosen keywords will not only result in minimal traffic to your website, but also can be costly. Finding the best keywords for Google Ads can be done through your own research, as well as utilising Google’s numerous

8 Reasons Your Shopping Ads Aren't Showing & How To Fix Them

Shopping Ads Aren’t Showing? Here Are 8 Reasons & How To Fix Them

If your Google Shopping ads aren’t showing you’re missing out on website traffic and potential conversions. If this is the case, don’t stress. Here are some common reasons your Shopping ads aren’t showing, and how to fix them.  1. Shopping Ads Aren’t Showing Because Target ROAS Too High If you have Smart Shopping campaigns, you

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