Intermediate Advertising Articles

How to Set Up SEO for Google Shopping Organic Listings

What Are Organic Google Shopping listings? Google has recently launched free organic listings on Google’s Shopping Tab. Google has extended their Shopping Tab to include free listings, just like on the Google home page. There are Shopping Ads carousels at the top & bottom of the page with a Free Listings grid in between for

Smart Display

Making The Most Of Smart Display Ads

Display advertising is a great way to promote brand awareness and other upper funnel marketing goals. Generally display can drive cheaper traffic to your website in a way that is in line with your branding and imaging. However, display ads can have many different creative requirements and types of assets. Smart Display Ads take the

Google Local campaigns

Google Local Campaigns: What Are They And How Does It Work?

Disclaimer: now may not be the time to run Local Campaigns, but something to consider after restrictions ease. Just remember to be safe and follow social distancing rules. Local campaigns are a campaign type that you don’t hear about often. However, if you’re looking to bring customers to your physical shop front, this campaign type

Facebook v Google Attribution

Google vs. Facebook Attribution – Which One Should I Use?

We have many customers that ask us “why doesn’t my Google Analytics and Facebook reporting align?”. The reason is attribution. Google Analytics and Facebook attribute sales in different ways which results in different numbers being reported. This can be confusing and can make it difficult to understand the full extent of your advertising performance. Therefore,

facebook dynamic remarketing

What is Facebook Dynamic Remarketing and What are the Benefits?

What are Facebook Dynamic Remarketing Ads? Facebook Dynamic Remarketing (also known as Dynamic Ads) is similar to Google Dynamic Remarketing Ads. It promotes your product inventory to users who have been on your website previously across the Facebook network. What do Facebook Dynamic Ads look like? Facebook Dynamic Ads look exactly the same as other

Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics as a Business Tool for Market Research

Just like any business, at Dynamic Creative we need to do market research to find ways to grow our business. Google Analytics, which is a completely free tool, is one way in which we conduct our research. Now, if you are not familiar with Google Analytics, it can be quite overwhelming with so much website

Responsive Search Ads: Everything You Need To Know

With so many different types of Google ad formats, it can be difficult to know what is what and how they work. One of the most common ad formats that we are asked about is Google Responsive Search Ads and how they differ from Google Expanded Text Ads. What Are Responsive Search Ads? Responsive search

Digital Advertising – growth pain points? What are they and what to do?

Definition of pain point : a persistent or recurring problem that frequently inconveniences or annoys customers As a business, you may face two types of pain points: Those that affect your customers – for example, potential customers may have specific pain points that you service or products help to solve Those that affect your business

Shopping Showcase

How Showcase Shopping Can Boost Your Results

Showcase Shopping ads allow users to explore your brand or products. They can bring another dimension to your Google Shopping ad campaigns. This blog aims to explain what Showcase Shopping ads are and help you identify the benefits they could bring to your Google Ads account. What Are Showcase Shopping Ads & What Do They

Using Google Ads Data To Improve Revenue

Google Ads Data That Will Improve Your Revenue

What is Google Ads data and why is it useful? Data makes up everything we do and influences every decision we make, this is no different in online advertising. Data in this context is a method of communication. There are different ways in which data can communicate the performance of your advertising in Google. But,

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