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What are Google Shopping Ads?

What Are Google Shopping Ads & What Do They Look Like?

Google Shopping ads are the fastest growing format in e-commerce advertising. They allow you to show your products at the top of Google search results for search terms relevant to your products. Google Shopping ads direct users to your product specific landing pages. There they can find more information about the product and purchase directly

What are Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

What Are Google Smart Shopping Campaigns?

Google Smart Shopping campaigns are a combination of Google Shopping and display campaigns that utilise the power of Machine Learning. Standard Google Shopping ads allow you to show product ads at the top of Google search results for terms relevant to your products. Smart Shopping campaigns use automated bidding and placements to improve upon the

revenue: the only goal of digital advertising

Setting A Goal For Your Digital Advertising

Ask any business owner or CEO if they want to grow their business and they will ask you if it’s a loaded question. They will always say yes to the question of growth, it’s their job to grow revenue and increase profits. Ask the same person what the goal of digital advertising is and they

Benefits of Google Shopping – 7 Great Reasons

There are many and varied benefits of Google Shopping. Google Shopping ads are the best ad format for getting your website found by people searching for the products that you sell.  Over the last few years, more than 50% of all Google Ads spend has shifted from traditional text ads to Google Shopping ads. If you nee

Create a Dashboard in Data Studio: Free Template

How To Create a Dashboard in Data Studio: Free Template

Why Use This Data Studio Dashboard? It is configured to track return on ad spend as the primary KPI alongside other relevant conversion data Tracks performance on relevant pre conversion metrics as well as geography and device type It is absolutely free to download and use; all you need are active Google Ads Campaigns Follow


Google launched free product listings which requires a feed to get relevant traffic to your website. 

Use FeedOps to get products listed in Google for Free.

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