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Google Audiences

How To Effectively Utilise Google Ads Audiences

Google gives you access to a number of audiences which can be used to help optimise your campaigns. However, it is important to effectively utilise Google Ads audiences, specific to your goals. Do you want to reach new people based on their interests? Or do you want to target based on how people have previously

Reasons Why You Have A Google Reporting Discrepancy

If you are running advertising through Google Ads, you have probably noticed reporting discrepancies between Google Ads and Google Analytics. If you do not understand these discrepancies and what can cause them, it can lead to frustration and ultimately a misunderstanding when it comes to the performance of your advertising campaigns. Types of Reporting Discrepancies

Merchant Center Supplemental Feeds

Merchant Center Supplemental Feed – How & When To Use Them

To add your products to Google Shopping, you need a Google Shopping feed and possibly a Merchant Center supplemental Feed. A Google Shopping feed is a collection of your website’s products and relevant product information. If you don’t already have a feed, don’t worry, you can get started with our Google Shopping Feed Management tool.

Search Attribution

Attribution Models In Google Ads (What & How)

What Are Attribution Models In Google Ads?  A consumer’s path to purchase is often not a simple one. Before making their purchase, a customer will most likely do multiple searches in Google and interact with more than one of your ads. Attribution models in Google Ads allow you to choose how much credit each click

Single Keyword Ad Groups

Single Keyword Ad Groups – SKAGS – They Do Work

There’s a recurring myth among advertisers that Single Keyword Ad Groups are an outdated advertising structure. Single Keyword Ad Groups, or SKAGs, do still have their benefits, you’ve just got to know when to use them. What is a Single Keyword Ad Group In recent years, SKAGs have become the forgotten strategy of Search Advertising


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