[NEWS] Dynamic Creative Wins Top Google Shopping Award – Back To Back!

February 14th, 2020. Dynamic Creative was awarded the Google Shopping Excellence Award at the 2019 Google Premier Partner Awards in Sydney last Friday. This is the second Google Shopping award in as many years for the Ad Platform after taking out the Google Shopping Innovator Award in 2018. The Google Shopping Award, open to Google Premier Partners in Australia and New Zealand, comes after Dynamic Creative were selected as finalists in an unprecedented 4 Google Premier Partner Award categories in[…]

Simple Ways To Fix Merchant Center Disapprovals

If you want to advertise your products online, you need to adhere to Google’s requirements or your ads will not be eligible to serve. This blog will aim to guide you as the retailer to not only meet Google’s strict requirements but also help you understand how Google Merchant Center works, specifically addressing the most common disapprovals found in Merchant Center and ways to fix them as quickly as possible. What Is Google Merchant Center? This important dashboard is where[…]

[NEWS] Dynamic Creative Named in Top Google Ads Blogs To Follow in 2020

The Dynamic Creative Blog has been named as the 10th best Google Ads blog to follow in 2020 by Feedspot.com. Dynamic Creative’s blogs cover helpful ‘How Tos’ in Google Ads as well as pieces to explain how we help our customers improve their returns in Google. Being listed as one of the top Google Ads blogs to follow confirms our commitment to helping businesses advertise more efficiently and effectively in Google. In 2020 we’re going to be delivering weekly content[…]

Why You Need To Advertise On Your Own Brand

We often get objections from our customers about their need to advertise on search terms that contain their brand name. On the surface it makes sense to question why you should pay for traffic that you feel you might get organically anyway, but, by not, you could be leaving money on the table. So here are the reasons why you need to be advertising on your own brand. Increase Traffic & Sales By Advertising On Your Own Brand When advertising[…]

Why You Should Never Google Your Business As An Advertiser

As an e-commerce retailer there’s often a temptation to check whether your SEO and SEM campaigns are working by Googling yourself. However, this may harm your organic showing as well as in your paid advertising. On top of this, what you see may not be a fair reflection of how often your ads are showing. So here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t Google your own business.   Googling Yourself Can Harm Your Ad Campaigns The key to reducing[…]

[Ad Platform Update] New Ad Campaign Structures For Flights

January 14th 2020. The latest release for the Dynamic Creative Ad Platform gives us the ability to create new and improved standardised Google Ads campaigns for Flights. Dynamic Creative has released a ‘Flights vertical scheme’, allowing for the creation of new flight and travel ad campaigns directly within our platform.  The features of the scheme include separate exact and broad match keyword campaigns for Google Search campaigns. Splitting the keyword types will allow us to create exact match single keyword[…]

Practical Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Google Ads

Running campaigns in Google Ads can become quite costly if you are not running your campaigns with Google’s best practices in mind. The key to reducing your Google advertising costs comes down to relevancy. The more relevant your ads are to a user the lower your advertising costs. We will cover the costs of Google Advertising, the elements that contribute and the most practical ways to reduce your costs. What is ‘Cost Per Click’ in Google Ads? The cost per[…]

What Are Dynamic Search Ads? (And How To Actually Set Them Up)

What Are Dynamic Search Ads?  Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) are an ad format available in Google Ads that allow advertisers to find customers searching on Google for precisely what the advertiser offers. They are ideal for advertisers with a well developed website or websites with a large inventory. This is because DSAs use your website content to target your ads to users instead of keywords. They dynamically generate ad headlines and landing pages relevant to the search that was performed[…]

What Does Dynamic Creative Do?

The Dynamic Creative Ad Platform helps inventory driven businesses achieve the best possible return from their advertising by creating highly relevant ads from their product, category and service data. Who We Help Our Ad Platform offers advertising solutions for inventory driven websites across a variety of industries. Businesses turn to us when; They are frustrated with the performance of their Shopping and Search ads They are struggling to keep up with the pace of change in Google Ads and machine[…]

How To Make The Most Of Merchant Center Supplemental Feeds

To add your products to Google Shopping, you need a Google Shopping feed. A Google Shopping feed is a collection of your website’s products and relevant product information. What we’ll look at in this blog is what Google Merchant Center supplemental feeds are, what they’re for and whether or not you need one. What Is A Merchant Center Supplemental Feed A supplemental feed is a product feed that is uploaded to Google Merchant Center to complete or enhance your primary[…]

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