Advertising Funnel

The Advertising Funnel; What Campaigns Should I Be Running?

Different advertising activity targets customers at different stages of their purchase journey. Not every person is ready to purchase a product and your marketing activity needs to reflect that. To understand the purpose of different activities with respect to customer intent we can consider the advertising funnel. What is an Advertising Funnel? An advertising funnel,

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Optimized Feed

Optimize Your Google Product Feed with FeedOps

FeedOps is a tool that allows you to drive quality traffic to product pages. FeedOps helps get products seen by more people, more often with advanced feed optimisation. Get an Optimized Feed for Google Shopping with FeedOps. What is a Product Feed? A product feed is a digitised list of your website’s products and their

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Why do Online Retailers need FeedOps

To sell online you need to drive quality traffic to your website’s product pages. Since Google announced free listings in October 2020, it’s more important than ever to be where your competitors are. With Google Search having over 90% market share, you need to take advantage of the millions of buyers searching for your products

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Cyber Weekend Review

Cyber Weekend Review & Takeaways

Cyber Weekend is one of the biggest weekends of the year for online retail businesses. This year in particular was crucial for businesses that were forced to adapt to online shopping due to Covid-19. Businesses that use our retail ads management services were no different. Read our results and takeaways below. Cyber Weekend Predictions Leading

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cyber weekend

Get Your Online Advertising Ready for Cyber Weekend

Are you prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year? As an online retailer you should be looking to get your online advertising ready for Cyber Weekend. Cyber weekend provides retailers with a significant increase in online traffic across many industries. It is also important to consider the coronavirus’ affect on online retail and

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Google Merchant Center Disapprovals

More Google Merchant Center Errors and How to Fix Them Part 2

Google product listings (whether they be the new free listings or through paid Google shopping campaigns) are important to any online retailer. However, setting them up can be complicated and frustrating when dealing with Google Merchant Center errors, disapprovals and warnings. We work with Google Merchant Center for Google shopping on a daily basis. Therefore,

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