About us

Dynamic Creative was established in 2002. We have always helped businesses grow online; from lead generation, to search ads and product feeds for shopping.

How it all began

Frank Grasso 2

Frank Grasso CEO

Frank Grasso, a qualified mechanic, was looking for a career change in 1999.  After selling websites for a short period, he realised the challenge was to get traffic to them.  Hence, was the beginning of a long journey into the world of unpaid and then paid digital media.

When Frank won a large customer in 2004, he realised that to get the scale of the work done, there needed to be automation of campaign builds and hence a software company was born.

The company was very successful in working with over 400 retailers in any one period and the scaled approach to advertising resulted in many awards and satisfied long term customers.

Fast forward to 2020, with a global pandemic accelerating online maturity, Frank realised that Dynamic Creative needed to become two separate brands.

One brand is full premium service RQmedia and the other for the technical product feeds FeedOps.


Frank has always had the belief that you hire people better than yourself. The company has many exceptional people who work in software development, operations and customer facing roles.

Our advertising philosophy

Dynamic Creative’s advertising philosophy is to create and manage efficient and effective advertising.  No single company has bottomless funds to advertise online.  Hence, understanding the media’s requirements and through technical integrations, producing relevant ads at scale that match what shoppers are looking for, is the basis of the company.

Adapt to change, this is the core value of the company. And doesn't the world change.

— Frank Grasso —
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Dynamic Creative advertising platform operates both RQmedia and FeedOps. 

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