Google Local campaigns

Google Local Campaigns: What Are They And How Does It Work?

Disclaimer: now may not be the time to run Local Campaigns, but something to consider after restrictions ease. Just remember to be safe and follow social distancing rules. Local campaigns are a campaign type that you don’t hear about often. However, if you’re looking to bring customers to your physical shop front, this campaign type

Facebook v Google Attribution

Google vs. Facebook Attribution – Which One Should I Use?

We have many customers that ask us “why doesn’t my Google Analytics and Facebook reporting align?”. The reason is attribution. Google Analytics and Facebook attribute sales in different ways which results in different numbers being reported. This can be confusing and can make it difficult to understand the full extent of your advertising performance. Therefore,

facebook dynamic remarketing

What is Facebook Dynamic Remarketing and What are the Benefits?

What are Facebook Dynamic Remarketing Ads? Facebook Dynamic Remarketing (also known as Dynamic Ads) is similar to Google Dynamic Remarketing Ads. It promotes your product inventory to users who have been on your website previously across the Facebook network. What do Facebook Dynamic Ads look like? Facebook Dynamic Ads look exactly the same as other

Peak Retail Season

Peak Retail Season 2020 Preparation

Peak retail season for most retailers starts anywhere from September or October through to January the following year. This holiday season is crucial for retailers to get right as it usually results in the high point in terms of both traffic as well as sales. Often retailers find this period brings in a disproportionate amount

Machine Learning & Smart Bidding – Optimise your Campaigns and reach your Goals

Artificial Intelligence is soon becoming ‘the norm’ as our technological advancements improve by the second. It is hard to deny that AI is already a crucial part of online advertising. Yet, many advertisers are still struggling with the concept and how it can apply to their business. Google’s Machine Learning and Smart Bidding strategies are

Google Ads, GDPR and the Privacy Shield

Google Ads, GDPR and the Privacy Shield

Today Google announced updates to their data processing and protection terms. In this post I will outline what the changes are, why they are being made, and what it all means to you, the advertiser. What is changing and why? Google’s changes are to ensure compliance with European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR is a

Google Ads' Creative Asset Requirements

A Guide To Google Ads’ Creative Asset Requirements

What Are Creative Assets? When your account becomes eligible for Smart Shopping, Google will suggest to upload creative assets to optimise your Google Ads. These assets include: a square logo, a rectangular logo and a marketing image. Google is very particular about what is and isn’t acceptable to be displayed in an ad, so there

Machine Learning

Machine Learning | Why We Should Let The Robots Take Over (Sometimes)

Ok, so we’re not talking about a robot uprising where you surrender your Google Ads account to the machines. We’re talking about Machine Learning and how you can use Google’s data to improve the performance of your Google Shopping Ads and Google Search Ads. What is Google’s Machine Learning? Machine Learning is the use of

Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics as a Business Tool for Market Research

Just like any business, at Dynamic Creative we need to do market research to find ways to grow our business. Google Analytics, which is a completely free tool, is one way in which we conduct our research. Now, if you are not familiar with Google Analytics, it can be quite overwhelming with so much website

Google Ad Extensions

Google Ads Extensions: What Are the Types and How to Automate Them

What are Google Ads Extensions Google Ad extensions are a way to expand your text ad with additional information. According to Google, they typically increase your ad’s click through rate (CTR) and give your ad great visibility on the Google search results page. Google Ad extensions give customers other alternative ways to interact with your

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